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The main focus of my  practice is to improve your quality of life; to support you and provide you with skills to manage your situation more effectively and enable you, with guidance, to generate solutions to your issues that are realistic but more helpful than those you have used so far. 


You may be given small practice tasks between sessions as appropriate to you and your situation and you may also be guided towards resources that you may find useful.

I believe personal growth and development is a lifelong healing journey. While some days we may have the tools we need to navigate life’s complexities, other days can point out areas of growth and opportunity. 

I provide online clinical services (Telehealth video sessions) for chronic illness warriors who struggle with long-term health issues or associated treatments  those who want to regain quality of life and live a meaningful life despite their diagnosis. I also offer caregiver support to those servicing clients with  long-term illnesses

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Medical Gaslighting

Medical Trauma



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Self Esteem

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