Your Cyclical Energy

Did you know that you have different levels of energy with each phase of your cycle?⁠

This is one of the many things that we learn in great detail with thr EndoWarrior Academy

⁠Learning to maximize your mood & energy levels with each phase is the easiest way to END THE WAR WITH YOUR BODY‼️

⁠❤️ MENSTRUAL phase - we naturally draw inward & become quieter during this phase. As we bleed our body is detoxifying & it is important to give yourself time off

💙 FOLLICULAR phase ⁠- rising estrogen boosts our curiosity in the outside world. You might notice you feel more playful and more open minded as your interest in others starts to increase

💛⁠ OVULATORY phase - estrogen is getting close to peaking & a surge in testosterone really drives up our libido and flirtatious desires

💚 LUTEAL phase - a surge in progesterone draws us back inwards & encourages us to start winding down for our period. Progesterone increases how calm we feel and this is a good time for self-reflection

Want to learn more about how the phases of your cycle impact your energy, productivity, fitness routine etc? Enrollment for EndoWarrior Academy is OPEN! Link in BIO

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