What you need to know: Hormonal Birth Control

I know, I know. It’s not what we've been told …… @ljs_powerhouse

BUT the trust remains ….. The pill DOESN’T regulate your cycle and neither will it correct the real issue‼️

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1️⃣ Hormonal birth control uses synthetic hormones to suppress progesterone synthesis & ovulation

2️⃣ Synthetic hormones deplete your body of essential nutrients w/ch impact your thyroid function, liver detoxification, cortisol regulation, insulin regulation & inflammation

3️⃣ Hormonal birth control affects your gut function, microbiome imbalance & mental health

4️⃣ If you experience chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders and/or insulin resistance be sure to discuss ALL options before popping the pill 🙏🏾

💡Knowing what's best for your body helps you advocate for yourself and feel confident in your life

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