Struggled with fatigue

Hands up if you’ve struggled with fatigue 🙌🏾

Feeling fatigued all the time shouldn’t be your “normal.”

I’ve been there & I honestly don’t know how I made it as a single mother of 2 preteens teaching over 20 fitness classes a week. It wasn’t until I upgraded my nutrition & stopped over exercising that my extreme fatigue subsided

I was over pushing my body during my personal workouts on top of teaching classes ....which pumped my stress hormones which left me feeling drained during the day and then I’d take in caffeine which would keep me wired all night ! 🥵 Trust me that's when you know your hormones are off balance and your mood and weight will be off as well

EndoWarrior Danyelle told me “This was exactly me!!!! Lowering my inflammatory foods made a HUGE change in my energy & mood”. “ I know longer wake up exhausted!”

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