Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance are more than painful periods @ljs_powerhouse

Chronic stress, poor food choices, dehydration, caffeine, lack of sleep, alcohol, medications, toxins and lack of exercise contribute to your hormone levels

⚠️What warning signs is your body sending❓

Many often look at a symptom or problem as being separated HOWEVER it’s connected to all systems in your body⁣🤯

It’s all about getting to the ROOT of the issue⁣🙋🏾‍♀️

Is it stress?⁣

Is it negative thought patterns?⁣

Is it nutrient deficiencies?

Is it unhealed traumas?⁣

Starting your road to recovery can start with a simple free discovery call to discuss a step by step action plan so you can ⬇️

💜 Live according to your cycle while learning to trust in your body as it becomes more reliable

💜 Breakdown common food barriers that impact hormone balance

💜 Transition off of birth control (both the pill and the IUD)

💜 Become aware of your natural body's signals and hormonal clues so that you are working WITH your cycle and not against it

💜 Develop a new mindset of strength and accountability

💜 Heal your gut and liver through loving nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle

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