Natural support, to balance your hormones...

How often do you stop to figure out the best way to naturally support & balance your hormones with the foods you eat daily 🧐

In my EndoWarrior Academy, we focus on foods to ENJOY MORE of, while developing a positive mindset around food to begin healing your cycle

For so much of my life, I wasted energy stressing about foods & following the SAD ( standard American diet) to only drive myself crazy with the latest “fitness research” ⤵️ as these nutrition tips STOPPED working🙄

What if you could learn how to crowd out unhealthy options with nutrient-dense whole foods that support your body to create hormones & keep them in balance💡

STRESSING about your food choices can actually cause MORE harm to your health & delicate hormonal balance than the "unhealthy" food itself. Stress is arguably THE biggest contributor to hormone imbalances, so managing your relationship with food is key to healing your cycle 💛

So, what can you INCREASE in your diet to support your hormones? These foods are a great place to start. If you like a challenge, aim to include at least 3 of these foods daily into your meals. And YES, that includes dark chocolate 😍

In my EndoWarrior academy, we spend the first part of the academy learning EXACTLY how to eat to support hormone balance. This is tailored to your unique body, symptoms and macros, and nutrient deficiencies

You’ll also gain access to my exclusive recipes to make life easier when it comes to healing your hormones daily

JOIN the movement by clicking the link ⬆️ in bio or visit 🗣



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