Mentality focuses on (DIET vs HEALTH)

I personally know how it feels like when you've F-ed up your nutrition and feel the rest of the day is a total loss😩 A couple of years ago when I got off track and put about 20 pounds on , I remember standing in front of my mirror before going out with friends wondering what in the world happened to my body💔 It made me want to socially isolate because I hated how I looked, but I also knew hiding at home with comfort foods wasn't gonna fix it either😔 Although you may not feel like your choices matter when you’re not instantly seeing weight loss when you eat healthy foods… I promise you that your choices DO matter! 🤔 One of the most important things I teach my clients in my Coaching Program is when you eat the right amount of fat, your body WILL no longer have the sugar cravings and your body will respond in the right way🔥 Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up on yourself, let this be a reminder that you have a choice every day, every meal and every bite about what direction you want the scale to go🤗 Recently a client told me she had a realization that this process was going to take time 🙏🏾 She said she’s struggled with her diet and yo-yoing on different programs for years before committing my program and my methods 🤗 She’s lost 18 pounds working with me and has been able to discontinue Lupron, but now the scale isn’t moving at the same pace. It’s those days the scale isn’t moving that she goes back to basics… She focuses on making sure each meal has the right percentage of healthy fats, lower carb foods and how she can make the best choices 🙌🏾 These decisions add up, and result in weight loss even when you don’t think they do! Do you find yourself eating “perfect” in the morning but then make one wrong choice and say F it for the rest of the day!? If I'm talkin’ to you, it’s okay❤️ Many of my clients often struggle with the same issues of low energy and sugar cravings when they first start working with me. That’s why my program isn’t about putting you on a “diet” it’s about working closely with me and truly transforming your habits & mindset so that a new lifestyle is created! 😘 📩 Me A DM & stop making excuses !

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