Do You Suffer From Headaches?

Headaches are no fun may they be spearheaded by estrogen dominance or other environmental factors‼️

My headache started in my 20s as my estrogen dominance increased, so did the frequency of my headaches. What was once controlled by Tylenol or ibuprofen became unmanageable to the fact that I was not able to think straight some days 😰

I had sinus issues so once the headaches got really bad I went to my ENT however he was at a loss because after my sinus surgery I had no more polyps so the pain didn’t make sense to him, therefore they referred me to a pain management doctor. Pain management just wanted to put me on narcotics 🤬 Eventually I stopped all meds & just suffered with the headaches or sometimes I would break down and take pain pills knowing that I’d be out of it for the rest of the day!

Looking back I wish I would’ve known to address my hormone levels because my headaches actually got worse as the symptoms of my endometriosis spiraled out of control. Yet there was so much going on with my body I was unable to connect the dots of the pelvic pain and headaches

Knowing your body while working with your holistic practitioner & your medical team is the best recipe to getting relief. You’re having unexplained headaches & no answers, talk to your physician because there could be more going on 🧐

Like so many women, I am living proof that unaddressed hormonal issues actually do more harm to your body than anything 💛



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