Hormonal weight gain got you feelin' some kind of way?

Unfortunately for many of us hormonal imbalance shows up as inflammation & weight gain 🤬

And once that cycle starts if TOUGH to get things back on track.

Tips to stop the hormonal madness ⬇️

💛 Insulin resistance makes your extremely sensitive to carbs so minimizing sugar is a MUST

💛 Hormone imbalance slows down the conversion of fatty acids so be sure to take in healthy fats rather than fats from processed foods

💛 Keep stress in check bcz it increases your cortisol and packs on extra weight

💛 Have a diet full of nutrient dense foods which heal your hormones. Processed foods & fast foods clog your liver & make it impossible for your liver to rid your system of unwanted hormones and toxins

💛 Support your digestion with probiotics and digestive enzymes to support healthy uptake of nutrients & daily bowel elimination

‼️ There's hope even if you’ve taken birth control or any type of hormone replacement. Give your body time to adjust, the imbalance didn’t occur overnight‼️

Stay Consistent, Hire a Coach & stop trying to do it alone & Surround yourself with a COMMUNITY that BELIEVES in you💛