Have you tried to eat less?

How many of you have tried to eat less to lose unwanted belly & hip fat while managing endo or other hormonal imbalances …. To only gain weight after another famous cleanse or overpriced detox?

Restricting your food intake pisses your hormones off simply because you need the proper fuel to heal your hormones, decrease inflammation and get REAL results!! The old mindset of calories in versus calories out stresses your body out when your not taking in enough fuel and expect your body to lean out

Super low calorie diets stress you body, increase cortisol which means MORE belly fat

And the more cortisol your body produces the less progesterone you’ve have in order to ovulate hence the crazy cycle. You know the one where you lose 1 pound, gain 5, lose ½ pound then gain 10

It’s not about not eating, it’s about choosing foods that heal to manage the problem rather than putting a sh*t ton of bandaids on the problem.

The issue is your HORMONES not the food

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