Fibroids... more than just heavy periods

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Give me a 💜 if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with fibroids.


@chocolako was living in Bali when an OBGYN used a pelvic ultrasound and MRI scan to diagnose the symptoms I was experiencing as fibroids. Surgery was the i

mmediate treatment option suggested. Instead, I went down a rabbit hole, researching all I could about alternative approaches. January 2020 I traveled to the US, to be with my Mom, family and friends while seeking a resolution that aligned with my needs. I found supportive communities across my network and social media - just to name a few:

Within community, I’m learning so much about the connection of mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health of the womb, a sacred portal.

This #repost from @wecanwearwhite is a comprehensive illustration of what 1 in 3 women experience. Personally, the symptoms I have are fatigue and bloated belly. Thankfully my plant based and yogic lifestyle help me remain mentally steady and well nourished along this journey. July is #FibroidAwarenessMonth a time to learn as much as possible about the technology of the womb.

👉🏾Could you have Fibroids?

-heavy painful periods

-abdominal pain swelling

-pelvic pressure

-frequent need to pass urine

👉🏾Please see your GP to ask specifically for fibroid detection.

Many women think their heavy long periods are normal because it’s common in their family. It shouldn’t be normal! Always get period problems checked out!

*This post is not exhaustive, treatment options are varied and dependent on your personal needs.

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