Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance was painful periods starting at the age of 14 to where I wasn’t able to concentrate while sitting in class 😰

Insomnia & anxiety that started at the age of 16 to because I could be awake for 2 to 3 days straight wired but tired 🥱

In my early 20s the mystery headaches Kicked up & they prescribed Topamax which made me feel like I was outside of my own body. I remember taking the pill one morning and actually putting myself in the bed because I felt like I was about to lose it combined with the fact that I was hallucinating and hearing things 🙄

Mid 20s is when it all went downhill ➡️ constant digestive issues, uncontrollable inflammation in my lungs & sinus cavities. Unexplained joint pain combined with sharp nerve pain that would come and go as it pleased 😵

My skin was never great but the occasional acne turned to straight hormonal acne that was super cystic & painful and debilitating to my self-esteem I have almost NO photos from the age of 17 till around 30 because I was so self-conscious of my skin & the dermatologist didn’t know what to do with my situation 😦

Also constant weight issues became horrible no matter what exercise or diet I tried. I even tried the whole let’s “overexercise” and it didn’t help 😡

I was being hospitalized too many time bcz my hormones would get out of control & would start to shut down my kidneys & liver ➡️ every system in my body was freaking the fuck out & barely hanging in because my hormones were so off-balance 🤬

Not to mention the pain cramping and bleeding, the times when I would have to call into work because being a fitness professional that can’t walk doesn’t really go over very well! The constant arguing with my now ex husband who didn’t get why I didn’t want to be intimate ( that’s a whole nother post ….. stay tuned ) 😭

When I tell you hormonal imbalance stole 15 to 20 years of my life, I’m not over exaggerating ‼️

If you’re having issues with your body and your doctor is not listening, find a doctor who will listen & take the time to give you the answers that you need

There is HOPE 🤗