Eating management, to avoid weight gain

Are you doing everything right to manage your endo but still can’t seem to get a grip on the weight gain 🥺

Do you have a cold intolerance? Are you working out and still gettin’ NO results? Feel like you’re eating CLEAN yet symptoms are still getting worse🤬

1️⃣ Hormonal imbalances can cause thyroid issues so you feel something is off talk to your doctor & have them check thyroid levels. The EndoWarrior academy teaches you how to identify & treat the real issue not just the symptoms 💡

2️⃣ Avoid - fast foods, processed meats, vegetable oil, sugar & conventional dairy and start enjoying the meal plans & recipes available 🙋🏾‍♀️

3️⃣ Include - berries, ginger, turmeric, & weight training to support your thyroid & decrease inflammation. And the academy also offers weekly flare free workout routines to get your fitness on track. That way you’re attacking the situation from all sides 🙌🏾

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