Celebrate Every Win

Many times we get so focused on the end goal we don't give ourselves credit for the “wins along the way”

Celebrating our wins gives us the energy to stay strong during the journey bcz managing chronic pain & inflammation is a marathon💡

🔶 Currently I’m working with a client who had a huge shift in her energy, not to mention she said “her moodiness isn’t as bad” and that she actually “no longer dreads her cycle because she now knows what to eat to decrease the inflammation”. 🤩

🔶 Another client who’s been in the program a little less that 2 months has been able to lower her pain med intake and missed ZERO days of work this past month….. that’s after missing about 5-6 days a month of work due to debilitating symptoms‼️

Ladies this is the REAL DEAL…

Join me tonight for a complimentary master class at 530pm mst with my special guest @shantimohlingmd discussing all things #wombwellness 💛

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