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All women should take the DUTCH Complete test — WHY?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

March 2022 is Women's History Month, a time where we should truly celebrate the women who are exhausted and stressed from all the family, work, educational, and spiritual challenges that are thrown at them yet they have managed to stay on top of it all. Girl, you are amazing! You fought for your seat at the table and you deserve it. And if you haven't gotten close to the seat, I'm with you on the fight for equal rights for betting working environments so we can have access to the opportunities we deserve.

However, there is a time when we have to slow down, assess ourselves, and look at the state of our health. At times, we may not be aware of the changes that occur in our bodies on a day-to-day basis. Our bodies have their way of showing us that something is wrong and we have to listen to it too.

Some women experience symptoms such as heavy or painful periods, PMS, migraines, bloating, anxiety, breast tenderness, bloating, uncontrollable weight gain, depression. What they might know is that they suffer from hormonal imbalance. In these cases, I recommend the DUTCH Test.

What is the DUTCH Complete test?

The DUTCH test is an acronym for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones which involves collecting urine on a piece of filtered paper about four times a day. The DUTCH test is an innovation in hormone evaluation that considers the hormone metabolites taken from the samples of dried urine.

It also assesses the following hormones:

  • Estrogen

  • Progesterone

  • DHEA-S

  • Testosterone

  • Androstenedione Metabolites

  • DHT

  • Cortisol Metabolites

  • Cortisone

  • Organic Acids

  • Estrogen Metabolism (phase 1 and 2)

  • Estradiol

  • Estrone

  • Estriol

  • Melatonin

Why should ALL women take the DUTCH Complete test?

I don’t just recommend the DUTCH hormone test to women who are going through symptoms. All women should take it for several reasons.

Experience of adrenal fatigue/stress issues

It may have occurred to you that you have adrenal fatigue but you’re not sure. With the DUTCH Hormone Test, you can say goodbye to guessing what it could be. Your money and time won’t be wasted on trying to treat it yourself!

The test looks at the adrenal hormones. Doing so will provide precise information about how to assist stress and sleep disorders since it considers the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis adrenal-brain communication. You might discover that your HPA axis is considered to be dysfunctional. Thus, the thyroid, insulin, sex hormones, energy production, and brain which are a part of the neuroendocrine systems could be affected.

Existing diagnoses

The test will benefit you if you have been diagnosed with fibroids and endometriosis or you suffer from PMS, irregular/painful periods, anxiety, and moodiness. You'll get a comprehensive understanding of how imbalances relating to your adrenal and reproductive hormones can contribute to your diagnosis and symptoms.

Desire to or try to be pregnant

You may be at a phase in your life where you want or you’re already trying to be pregnant. It’s vital to have a clearer understanding of your hormones so you can conceive in a shorter period of time. Here, the DUTCH Complete test can be done for the assessment of luteal phase progesterone levels with the addition of the estrogen, estrogen metabolism, testosterone, metabolized cortisol, free cortisol, DHEA, and DHEA metabolites, and melatonin.

Cycle Mapping is applicable so progesterone and estrogen patterns can be graphed from one phase to another throughout the month. Varying levels that rise falls or flat lines may be observed which show abnormality. Either of these tests could be a part of an intensive fertility work-up so you could improve your overall health and chances at pregnancy.

Want more quality of sleep

The DUTCH test determines your melatonin levels which regulate daily circadian rhythm to initiate sleep. It’s released 2 hours before bedtime to help you relax and feel sleepy. You might want to have more quality of sleep, sleep for longer hours, or address sleep issues. Try to address it by avoiding your gadgets’ bright lights, going to bed in total darkness, and managing stress levels — all before you go to sleep. If it still persists, then the DUTCH hormone test could help.

After which, when you know your melatonin levels, we can formulate the right treatment for you. Moreover, having low levels of melatonin can be an indicator of sleep issues, low growth hormone, weaker immune systems, feelings of fatigue, and sudden mood changes.

Avoid cancer risks related to estrogen

Some cancer types such as the breast, cervical, and uterine can be related to estrogen metabolization. Cancer can be life-threatening so knowing your risks for it can let you be prepared for it. Hence, I would recommend for women with menstrual cycles or those who are on hormone replacement to take the DUTCH test to proactively know their risk levels. When your hormones are evaluated, you can expect your practitioner to do the following:

  1. Know if you’re estrogen dominant.

  2. See if your estrogens go through a much healthier 2OH-E1 pathway that’s considered to be a route that’s less likely going to be carcinogenic in contrast to the 4OH-E1 pathway.

  3. Assess if there’s a part of the phase 2 estrogen detoxification that undergoes methylation.

  4. Test for melatonin since low levels could potentially increase risks for cancer.

  5. The DUTCH complete and Adrenal test would allow your practitioner to graph the free cortisol pattern to understand the survival possibility for cancer.

With the DUTCH test, you can gain more insights into your risks for cancer and you can manage these risks early on.

How can I take the DUTCH Complete Test?

When you get a kit, collecting the urine sample is easy. Just provide information on the collection device from the kit then pee on the filter paper or on a clean cup where you can dip the filter paper. The collection device is to be left open so it can dry for at least 24 hours. Once it is, it can be closed and placed on a resealable plastic bag, ready to be returned to the envelope provided.

Ready to take control of your body?

If you have received the results of your DUTCH test or you've got a general idea of your hormone health, then I've got something more for you!

Are you ready to take control of your body despite the persistent painful or uncomfortable experiences? Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, or fibroids?

Click here to learn more.

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