How many of these inflammatory foods are you eating daily ?

Eliminating inflammatory foods is a great place to start when you’re looking to heal your body Ditching processed foods while sticking to whole foods a the quickest route to a win 🙌🏾

Think wild caught fish, gluten free grains, grass fed small farm meats, organic goat or sheep’s dairy if you must, & load up on organic fruit/veggies.

You would NOT believe how much I hear-“I eat clean but I’m still having daily flares.”

Real talk ➡️ you’re missing something and DIET IS JUST NOT ENOUGH. It’s not about what you are or aren’t putting inside as much as it’s about what’s stuck INSIDE OF you that doesn’t belong there.

🔥 THINK: environmental toxicities & pathogens. These are also the root cause for food intolerances & malabsorption issues!

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💜You won’t regret it 💜

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