16 Years for a diagnosis is to long

Endometriosis for me started as painful periods at the age of 14 😰

Progressing to Insomnia, anxiety, hormonal acne & weight gain at 16 to which kept me wired and tired all the time 🥱

In my early 20s the mystery headaches showed with a 2 year straight Sinus infection leading to 4 sinus surgeries due to all the inflammation and swelling in my sinus that just wouldn’t go away.

Mid 20s is when it all went downhill ➡️ constant digestive issues, uncontrollable inflammation in my lungs after having my first child. Unexplained joint pain combined with sharp nerve pain that would come and go as it pleased. Not to mention the whole myth of “ have a baby and all will be ok ➡️ That was a total lie because I had a newborn and was in the most pain ever. Not to mention I then had a little one who needed me to be present and functioning at full capacity 😵

When I say it went downhill ….. it really went ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

My face, chest & back was covered with painful cystic.

My self-esteem nosedived to an all time low, to where I have almost NO photos from the age of 17 till around 30 because I was so self-conscious of how I looked 💀

Weight gain spiraled no matter what exercise or diet I tried! I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and felt disgusting 24/7 🤢

I was being hospitalized on a regular basis bcz my hormones would get out of control & started shutting down my kidneys & liver literally every system in my body would freak out due to hormonal imbalance & chronic inflammation 🤬

Not to mention the painful cramping and bleeding I had to deal with conatany, the constant calling into work, the endless arguing with my now ex husband who didn’t get why I didn’t want to be intimate blah blah blah 🙄

When I tell you endometriosis stole from me IT ABSOLUTELY DID ‼️