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Wholistic Hormone 


Helping you heal by balancing hormones & healing your gut. 

5850+ Clients Served w/ 25+ years of experience
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No Longer Defined By A Diagnosis. 

Dr. Lj Johnson specializes in hormones and gut health while utilizing wholistic functional medicine. Johnson's passion stems from her own personal experience of managing multiple chronic illness diagnoses including the 16 years it took for her to be properly diagnosed with endometriosis.  Dr. Lj has worked in the women's health industry for over 25 years while overcoming her own diagnosis of endometriosis. Lj’s passion is to empower, motivate and educate all women, so they too can have quality of life despite their symptoms or diagnosis.

What's Included


“I have lost about 4 pounds but I feel so much stronger. I feel so good I walked today and I didn't get out of breath! I told my husband I felt like I was floating through our neighborhood LOL ” 


—  Hormone Restoration Academy

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